ASHRAE Spanish – Standard 180-2008


Spanish – Standard 180-2008 — Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems (ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Approved)
standard by ASHRAE, 2010



Standard 180 was created in a collaborative effort between ASHRAE and ACCA, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Its intent is to address the often inconsistent practices for inspecting and maintaining HVAC systems in commercial, institutional and other buildings where the public may be exposed to the indoor environment. Current practices in such buildings vary widely today. Many facilities choose to follow rigorous policies that maintain the system in new or nearly new condition. Others either lack policy in this area or have adopted a run-to-failure approach where the system or components of the system are attended to only when there is a failure.

NOTE: This standard is specifically focused on the impacts of maintenance on occupant thermal comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Ancillary maintenance issues related to equipment reliability, equipment robustness and minimizing overall maintenance costs are also appropriate in order to protect the HVAC capital investment and/or minimize system downtime. These issues, however, are outside of the scope of this standard.

The Spanish translation of this document is currently available in the 2008 edition only.

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