C031 — The Importance of Heat Pump COP in the Economics of 5th Generation Heating and Cooling Networks

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2023



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This paper describes the investigation of heat pumps for GreenSCIES, a 5th Generation heat network in Islington, London. The paper describes the GreenSCIES concept integrating Mobility, Power and Heat into a local energy system. At the heart of the system is a 5th generation heat network, which utilises an ambient heat network to capture secondary heat and share heat between different applications. The GreenSCIES network, technology utilised and buildings connected are described. Heat pumps are used to amplify the temperature of the ambient loop to deliver heat at the required temperature in connected buildings. A number of different heat pumps using different refrigerants and configurations were appraised in this study. This considered the performance, safety, environmental impact, operational and capital expenditure point of view. The study shows the importance of heat pump COP on the economics of operating the system and suggests innovative series arrangements in order to improve performance and economics.

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