Seminar 17 — Hotter Cities, Hotter Climates: Modelling and Measuring Urban Heat Island Effects Around the World (LIVE)


Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2021



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Mitigating Urban Heat Island (UHI) or urbanisation-related weather issues is of critical importance for millions of urban dwellers worldwide. It affects building energy consumption and outdoor comfort, and has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality and worsening air quality. This makes quantifying these effects a priority for researchers and practitioners alike. In this seminar, we present (1) a review of the numerical modelling of urban heat island mitigation, and (2) a case study of blue and green mitigation of urban canyons based on measurements. The speakers will discuss possible mitigation approaches to the problems highlighted.

  1. Cooling Hot Cities: A Systematic and Critical Review of the Numerical Modelling Literature
    Evyatar Erell, Ph.D., Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel
  2. Case Studies of Blue and Green Mitigation of Urban Canyons
    Eric Peterson, Ph.D., P.E., Member, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

Citation: ASHRAE 2021 Virtual Seminar

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