Seminar 44 — Findings from the Big-Box Efficiency Project: Integrating Pre-Commercial Technologies to Drive Deep Energy Savings at a Big Box Retailer in Southern California


Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2021



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The Big-Box Efficiency Project is a partnership with the California Energy Commission, a big box retailer, IOU, and non-profit, to evaluate impacts of installing an integrated suite of precommercial energy efficiency technologies in an existing big-box retail store. The goal is to achieve greater than 20% savings in electric consumption, in support of California’s aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals. This session focuses on the innovative technologies used to drive deep energy efficiency savings in big-box retail and opportunities to further build resiliency through the integration of these types of technologies with on-site generation, storage and demand-response.

  1. Pursuing Deep Energy Savings at a Walmart in Southern California Using Pre-Commercial Technologies< /br>John Woolsey, P.E., Member, Center for Sustainable Energy, San Diego, CA
  2. Evaluating and Implementing Cutting-Edge Efficiency Projects to Meet Sustainability Targets in Big-Box Retail< /br>Yogesh Mardikar, Ph.D., BEAP, Associate Member, Walmart, Betonville, AR

Citation: ASHRAE 2021 Virtual Seminar, Extended Abstracts

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